Tips How To Prepare For Your Property Photo-Shoot

A room with leather sofas and floor lamps

If you have wisely decided to book a professional real estate photographer to shoot your property this is your opportunity to show the house in its best light. Although professional real estate photographers in Southern California know how to get the best results, they are not miracle workers.

Here are some tips to make sure your property meets the high expectations of today’s buyers:

  • Clean: This is an obvious step to take when you have a DFW real estate photographer coming, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to miss some obvious eye sores. Go over every detail and don’t forget to check the kitchen sink for empty coffee mugs and to give the tubs and bathroom sinks a good rinse and dry.
  • Garbage: Take the time to remove things such as garbage bins and hide them away in the garage. This should be done for all rooms, and don’t forget outside. Consider making a trip to the dump so your property is garbage (and odor) free!
  • Declutter: It is in your best interest to declutter as much as possible. All counters, desk tops, and surfaces such as coffee tables should appear as neat and tidy as possible. This allows people to see the room and its space as well as show off counter space. Remember that clutter is usually associated with limited storage.
  • Pets: Make sure pets are placed in a secure area or not home if possible. This is especially important if the real estate photographer will be entering the home alone, as your pet might react less friendly if a stranger enters your home unaccompanied by a family member.
  • Views: Keep in mind that some photos will also show views outside. Make sure anything that might ruin the view (that is in your power) is removed. Even simple things such as your vehicle in the driveway or parked on the street out front can ruin a shot.
  • Light: Open all blinds and turn on all your lights to add a soft ambient glow to the photos. The real estate photographer will turn them off as they make their way through each room. Also, make sure you do not have any burned out light bulbs!
  • Exterior: Have the exterior of the house neat and tidy by removing stray garbage and leaves that tends to get caught in bushes or around the foundation of the house. Make sure the lawn is mowed and that you have some pretty flowers to add punches of color. Investing in an urn or two for the front is always a nice touch. However, if you have empty urns, remove them if you don’t have time to fill them! In the back yard remove toys and any sign of pets. Remove clutter, neaten your outdoor furniture and seating areas. You want to show the property is well maintained and the backyard offers an inviting oasis even if it is small and simple.
  • Pool: Make sure your pool is free of leaves and debris and remove the vacuum cleaner/hose. Also, make sure there aren’t any towels or swim suits hanging about!


Some other details requiring attention include:

  • Close the door to your breaker panel if it is in a room to be shot such as the kitchen or laundry room
  • Make sure your laundry room does not have laundry hanging, ironing boards out, detergent on the washer, etc.
  • Straighten wall art
  • Remove awkward small area rugs, especially if you have hardwood
  • Declutter beds of stuffed toys or too many pillows
  • Check window treatments to make sure they are not coming off the wall or are crooked, especially blinds
  • Use a broom to remove cobwebs that can collect unnoticed on the ceiling corners as well as outside at the entry of the home and porch
  • Clean baseboards when you are doing the floors
  • Look for obvious dirty marks around light switches, door knobs, etc. and give them a good scrub
  • Close the garage door