Looking for Professional Real Estate Photography? Here Are Some Tips.

Inside view of a kitchen with seating area

You understand how cutthroat real estate can be. One quick Google search is all it takes to overwhelm a prospective buyer with lots of residential or commercial properties (and agents) to choose from.

So how do you get your listings to stick out from the rest?

It’s not just about striking the pricing sweet spot or choosing the highest-traffic listing websites. Selling more homes is about creating an engaging vision for future homebuyers. And if a picture is worth 1,000 words, your real estate photography abilities (or lack thereof) definitely say something about the quality of your brand.

Consider this your total guide to nailing your listing images, even when your pro photographer unexpectedly gets the flu or goes on vacation.

Why excellent images are a need in real estate promotion

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100% of people react to visuals in a manner that is incredibly powerful.

From Cialdini’s ‘visual salience’ theory to 3M’s study proving visuals are 43% more convincing, sales psychology pros have been studying this stuff for years (maybe even centuries).

No doubt about it. The ideal real estate photograph can build enjoyment, anticipation and eventually influence a buyer’s choice.

” Without a doubt, expert photography is the most critical element of your listing marketing strategy. 86% of property buyers specify that listing photography is the # 1 reason that they choose to view a home, yet just 35% of Realtors utilize an expert photography service,” says Michael Yates, Marketing Director at Virtuance.

According to experts like Michael, “Utilizing professional photography is the # 1 method to get your listing to stick out from the competitors and puts you in the very best position to get more showings, more deals, and ultimately a higher price.”

” In real estate, there’s generally a significant life event happening at the time of the home purchase. Your customer might be going through scaling down, upsizing, divorce, getting married, having a child, etc.,” states Debra Beagle, co-owner and Handling Broker of Ashton Real Estate Group (which by the way, happens to be the # 1 RE/MAX team in the world).

For rainmakers like Debra, it is essential for her agents to go above and beyond the function of realtors to become professional problem-solvers for their customers.

Your prospect isn’t just thinking about spending $350K on 4-bedroom with a pool. They’re thinking of who they’ll become when they live in it. Perhaps they want to be the type of picture-perfect mom or dad who preps healthy meals for dinner every night or the type of switched-on specialist who wakes up refreshed and all set to follow the fast-track to the C-suite.

Should you employ a professional or DIY it?

You can most likely guess our answer to this one.

Whenever possible, yes. You should certainly use a pro to take your real estate images.

Because in the words of well-known photographer Ansel Adams, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

To put it in less poetic terms, there’s a whole heck of a lot that goes on behind the scenes to develop a truly eye-catching picture. Photography is a whole ability in and of itself. And we’re guessing you’d rather stick to real estate.

But if you’re still uncertain, let’s take a minute to weigh your alternatives.

Pros of employing a professional photographer

Your homes will sell faster– Professionally taken pictures have been proven to sell homes at least 32% faster. Just consider what that might imply for your profits.

They understand how to make every space look awesome– Some spaces can be little and difficult to photograph. Other rooms can be plain and lacking in depth. An expert will understand how to work with any area and make the most of it. They’re trained to have a critical eye and can utilize lighting, angles, and staging in ways you never pictured.

They have specialized equipment and software– Professional photographers will have the camera, lenses, and lighting equipment to manage any difficulties a residential or commercial property may bring their way. They can likewise improve the pictures to make them look extra incredible through professional editing.

Cons of employing a professional photographer

False expectations– Sometimes the photos don’t depict the reality of a home. For instance, if a specific room is small, a professional photographer might utilize a wide-angle lens to capture the entire room in one shot. But this may also result in the room appearing to be larger than it really is. You risk frustrating possible buyers when they see the home in reality.

Quality pictures take time– When you work with a professional photographer, you’ll need to arrange the shoot and you may also need to wait a week or 2 to allow time for editing. This isn’t perfect if you’re under pressure to sell the home ASAP.

How do you find a photographer?

One place to look is your regional board of Realtors. They normally have a database of vetted photographers or photographers who pay to promote their services.

Word of mouth is also an excellent method to get an awesome photographer. If you identify a gorgeous listing, simply connect to the listing agent and ask if they’d want to share the name of their photographer. Ensure you identify the photos that not only get your attention but also have a style that aligns with your special brand.

And naturally, lots of professional photographers choose to market themselves through social networks. Hop onto various social networks and look for real estate photographers near you to see what shows up.

With Instagram and Facebook in the mix, many photographers will have their portfolios right there in front of you. You’ll get a clear image of what the photographer’s design is so you can vet them beforehand.