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From Palo Dobrik Photography LLC.

A Matterport scan from Paolo Dobrik Photography
3D view of a home from different angles

Architecture | Engineering | Construction

Export your point cloud and easily share and render it with within Revit® and other BIM tools
Generate OBJ files and point clouds for as-builts and construction documentation
Scan tight areas 10-15 times faster than with a  typical lidar scanner
Overlay your point cloud onto your BIM model to  conduct verification
Take measurements in difficult to access areas such as pipes, trusses, and ceiling  beams
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Image of an open factory is shown here

Insurance and Restoration

TruePlan™ generates SKX files in both floor plan and 3D views from Matterport models that can be easily imported into Xactimate® software.
Insure with the most comprehensive pre-loss asset documentation and risk management with the digital twin that allows for more informed and accurate underwriting practices.
Easily share 3D models with engineers, adjusters, builders, and policyholders.
An room under construction is shown in the image

Industrial and Facility Management

  • Improve facilities management & design
  • Optimize equipment installation
  • Create equipment inventory and keep track of maintenance
  • Use 3D indoor mapping to train employees
  • Optimize your emergency planning & response
A restaurant with wooden chairs and tables are shown in the image

Travel and Hospitality

Stand out from the competition by enabling your guests to experience your property as if they were there – going beyond photographs and 360 tours
Produce qualified leads for property managers by eliminating site visits with viewers who are not a fit for the property
Set client expectations immediately and accurately
Provide stakeholders with key success metrics

Real Estate and Retail Investment

Increase commissions, reach a wider audience, and close on properties faster
Keep showing 24/7 by giving potential buyers in-depth access to your property online
Provide buyers and investors with detailed floor plans and measurements – reducing the need for site visits
Improve documentation and communication within your team
Customize immersive 3D experiences of your property or project with easy to use features and tools – all included with your Matterport scan from Palo Dobrik Photography LLC.
For over 12 years, Palo Dobrik Photography LLC has provided exceptional HDR photography, videography, and reality capture services to a broad range of clients across multiple industries.
Our commitment to quality, timeliness, and customer services ensures that the products and services we provide turn into results for your business.
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3D image plan of a seating area is shown in the image